Projecto Português “Tell a story” na DesignBoom

Parabéns Tell a story! Fica aqui a partilha deste fantástico projecto português num dos maiores sites sobre design do mundo.

tell a story: the traveling book store by MSTF partners

tell a story: the traveling book store by MSTF partners


the idea of ‘tell a story’, the book shop with wheels was conceived to make famous literature pieces from portugal known to tourists. the design of the truck, overall branding and website was developed by local company MSTF partners. the translated works will help spread the word that literature is a large part of portuguese culture, helping to make it a ‘postcard’ for the country. tourists can now purchase famous books from the traveling book store by authors such as fernando pessoa, josé luís peixoto, eça de queiroz and miguel sousa tavares to name just a few.

‘we believe there’s no better way to remember a journey than a book. and that nothing makes one travel more than reading. in a country of stories and great storytellers we want to challenge those who visit us to tell a story about portugal.’ says the designers.

book shop with wheels, translated literature works from famous portuguese authors are available

tell a story shirt, designed by MSFT partners

tell a story bag

tell a story stationary

tell a story pencils

tell a story detail

tell a story card/bookmark

tell a story book envelopes

tell a story press release

tell a story card detail

tell a story website

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