Livros Gratuitos de Guy Kawasaki – ATUALIZADO

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Há dois anos escrevi um post onde era possível obter livros do Guy Kawasaki de forma gratuita. Esse post está neste momento completamente desatualizado e venho desta forma fazer um re-post muito fixe.
Já agora partilho a história do ano, que ouvi pelo próprio Guy Kawasaki no Podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire do John Lee Dumas.

So about 15 years ago when life was good and I didn’t have too many kids, I drove a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. Okay? So I’m in Menlo Park, I’m in my Porsche, I’m at a stoplight. I look over to my left. I see this car with four teenage girls in it. They’re looking at me, they’re smiling at me, they’re laughing, and I’m thinking I have made it! I’m a famous Apple software evangelist, I’m a famous venture capitalist, I’m a famous writer, I’m a famous speaker. I have made it! Even teenage girls know who I am and recognize me on the street, right? So then one of the girls makes this motion of roll down your window. Clearly, she’s not a Porsche owner because you don’t roll down a Porsche window. You push the button and it goes down. But that’s another story.
So she gives me this motion of roll down the window. So I rolled down the window. She sticks her head out to me, and I’m thinking now she’s going to just tell me what a great person I am. And she says to me, “Are you Jackie Chan?”
So now, I spent the last 15 years of my life with a goal. A very simple goal. My goal is that someday, in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan is riding his Rolls Royce, pulls up to a stoplight, sees four teenage girls in the car next to him laughing, smiling, giggling, asking him to roll down his Rolls Royce’s window. He puts down his window, and the car says to him, “Are you Guy Kawasaki?”


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