The Back to Work Post-Vacation Syndrome

Reading time: 3 minutes

Lesson learned this month: The Back to Work post-vacation Syndrome…
Being back at work is a difficult task to accomplish.
I am privileged. I live by the beach, which has many objective benefits… and so my family sees it too and chooses my home for vacation.
For 2 or 3 months, I am blessed with the joy of long dinners and good cheerful conversations. They wait, almost in a mystical way, for 11 months for that 1 month of freedom and happy days.
Sometimes I hear one of them say, “Damn, it was a hard year, what a sacrifice! But now I’m really enjoying my time! That’s life!”
Does that make any sense?
Sacrificing your life for 11 months in exchange for a single month, when you can say, “Now, it feels so good to be alive!”
It’s like craving Friday so much… almost like a prize for 5 days of work and then comes the “Sunday depression”, but with a deeper, more intense, longer lasting shape and feeling.
Does it have to be like that? Really?
What if every day was a great day? What if you didn’t hate your job?
If you actually liked it? And you know what’s even better: being passionate about what you do.
I’m not saying that every second of your time will be a huge explosion of happiness.
Sometimes there are things that are more enjoyable than others. That’s okay. Do them anyway. When you are on vacation there are also things that you enjoy more than others. And those who have vacationed with the in-laws will recognize the pattern here!
But it still feels good, because we are in our ‘freedom time’ enjoying life.
What if I tell you this:
I know more than one person who feels that their life is like vacations all year round.
What do you think about that? And if it’s possible, why don’t we all enjoy our 12 months of fulfillment?
Break the habit, the status quo, who controls your life if not you? Think about it.

And well, I’m not “back to work”… I’m still on my vacation time. I see my life as a whole and that is the life I am living.