What is Agile Marketing?

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Agile Marketing is an approach to marketing that takes inspiration from Agile Development (in the field of software development) and values:
– Responding to change rather than following a plan
– Rapid iterations rather than long planning
– Testing, analytics, and data instead of opinions, conventions, and assumptions
– Multiple small experiments rather than a few large ones
– People and interactions instead of processes

– Collaboration instead of pipelines and hierarchy

The goals of Agile Marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function.
Why did I start using this framework in marketing?
Because our highest priority is to satisfy users with fast, continuous marketing delivery that solves problems and creates value. Period.
With this framework we get quality marketing with a very close alignment with business, sales and development. We also manage to keep simplicity as the main focus.
Want to try it out? Don’t be afraid to fail; as long as you don’t fail twice in the same way.

To be continued…

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