Replace MVP with MVO

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Disclaimer: During the post whenever I mention the term “Minimum Viable Product” I will do so through “MVP”. The same will be true for “Minimum Viable Offer” – “MVO”. Consider also the term “offering”, as what we deliver to the customer.
I believe you know the term: “Minimum Viable Product – MVP”. It is a term created by Frank Robinson, and often mentioned by Steve Blank, Guy Kawasaky or Eric Ries.
In a very summarized way, minimum viable product is the art of creating a product with only the basic features and the essentials, in order to validate and iterate the product.
I don’t believe in the singular concept of building MVP’s. That is, I do. I just think the concept is limiting.
Why? The truth is that usually, at the beginning of a project, we start by validating the business model and the product, and there is a lot of focus on the MVP as a small picture, when it is essential to have a big picture perception.
So instead of creating an MVP, we should create an MVO (Minimum Viable Offer).
What is this “Minimum Viable Offer – MVO”?
It is a set of actions that provide a minimum set of benefits necessary for a customer to want and pay for what we are offering. And within this MVO are sometimes several MVP’s.
What I have felt is that we usually develop an MVP without the concern of creating everything else around it. As an example, for Myskool, besides creating an MVP, we create descriptions, presentations, meetings, interviews, case studies, demos in IFTTT, courses in Drip marketing, tutorials, and eBooks – just for one MVP.
And be aware that this is not product marketing! It is just everything that is necessary and parallel to validate the MVO.
Probably unconsciously we were already doing this, but the truth is that if we keep this broader concept in mind, we never forget that besides the MVP there is a lot of parallel work to be done. And that it’s all part of just one block within the big picture “Project/Company”.

And if until now the MVP helped to minimize the risk, I believe that the MVO concept will help a lot more.