Reasons why we started using the Agile marketing framework – Part 2/2

Reading time: 3 minutes

In a previous post I had explained what it was and the reason for using agile marketing as a working process in marketing teams. In another previous post I mentioned some of the reasons why we use Agile Marketing as a working framework.

Moving on:

– Ability to adapt to change – agile in Agile Marketing refers to the ability to quickly adapt to change. This is made possible by allocating some of the marketing resources to anticipate inevitable change, and by the short nature of rapid meetings. Every 4-6 weeks, a new rapid planning meeting creates an opportunity to help marketing focus in order to respond to changing market conditions.

– Customer Satisfaction – because customer needs are met quickly and consumers have clear and honest information about what they need to make a purchasing decision, customer satisfaction tends to increase.

– Competitiveness – increasing the speed of marketing, prioritizing consumer needs, measuring the impact of marketing and discontinuing marketing that lacks impact and value, and increasing customer satisfaction all lead to improvements in competitiveness.

– Improved internal communication – this is one of the biggest benefits of agile marketing. I have already alluded to the improvements in communication with management, sales and development through transparency. Communication also tends to improve within the marketing team itself because of dailies. Everyone knows what the others are working on and what obstacles they may encounter.

– It’s fun! – Doing agile marketing is fun. Meeting every day to share with the team what you are working on and sharing challenges with your team quickly builds team cohesion. The respect for the person and the autonomous nature of agile teams also leads to greater satisfaction with the value you are creating.

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